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"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."
-- Dolly Parton
My Story


Total health means a strong, well nurtured body, true happiness, and quality of life. It means living life on your own terms with a body that is willing, and able to go along for the ride.

I had always believed that I would age gracefully and planned to take life as it came to me. But as I started to reach middle-age and began to look in the mirror both literally and figuratively, I realized that life kind of sucked.

My health and happiness were slipping. I was considerably overweight, felt sick and exhausted all the time, worked constantly, and I was MISERABLE.


Doctors told me I was fine. They told me to eat good food and take better care of myself. Test after test showed nothing wrong with me.


When the doctor's advice didn't work, they offered me various pharmaceutical remedies. I new I didn't have a medication shortage so I went to the wonderful World Wide Web for help. Information overload!

After years of trial and error, and becoming an Integrative Health Coach, I have learned that people are complicated but  the solutions to their health and wellness problems are simple.

Robinson Wellness is here to give you education, guidance, and support in getting past your hard problems so you  can reach your life goals. Be well, be happy, be your best you! Contact me today to start your journey.

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